Automatic window control system with Wind sensor

For home application , 1 electric window opener and 1 set of AC220v-DC24V switch with remote and 1 wind sensor to control window automatically.

Product Description

Automatic Chain actuator Window control system is made up of Automatic chain actuator ,AC110-220V→DC24V switch with remote and wind sensor to control the window.

For natural ventilation , you just need to press the switch or remote to open the window to let the fresh air flow into room and exhaust the bad air out of the room .

When there is wind coming, the wind sensor will detect the wind and close the window by itself automatically before strong wind .



Product Description :


Automatic chain actuator : DC24V / 400N / 50-600mm opening stroke for optional.

                                       Locking force : 2500N

                                       Stainless Steel Chains

                                       Lifetime : 10000 Cycles

Switch and remote : AC110-220V→DC24v Switch with remote ,Maximum Current: 3A

Wind senor : DC24V with Wind /Rain / Light Sensor.

This is designed for home application used only and simple installation .

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