Manual Window Opener

Manual window opener is made up of chain drive ,operating handle,diverter and driving rod .

Product Description

ENCO-MC Manual window opener


This is a manually operated system for opening and closing top hung, bottom hung or louvre windows.

Polyester powder coating

Strong aluminium casings throughout

Control for single or multiple openings

Ideal for many different window types

Fast, on-site installation for new-builds and retro-fits

Chain openers for 50mm and 300mm openings

Operating force: 450N

Locking force : 3000N

Drived by aluminium rod with strong force

Worm and gear designed

High level window manual controls for the management of natural high-level ventilation are used in commercial premises, schools and libraries to open and close high level or difficult-to-access windows.
Manual systems can be installed to control individual high level windows, or a single control
can open and close multiple windows.


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