Casement Window Actuator 200-400N

Designd for casement window to open to 90'Angle.

Product Description

ENCO-400N Casement Window Actuator


Programmable 24V DC chain actuator for casement window for smoke and comfort ventilation


– Force : 200-400N.

– Speed: 1.5°/s.

– Maximum Stroke: 90 °angle.

– Current: 0.3A.

– to be used together with ±24V Control Units.

– Special Stianless steel arciform chains

– synchronization of up to four window actuators – no need for an external

   synchronization module.

– the electronics in this actuator can be programmed to suit specific requirements.

   - i.e. pressure- and traction force, stroke, speed with our own programming adjustor .

– built-in electronic load switch-off/end stop.

– electronic actuator with micro controller

– the actuator has an integrated reverse function to ensure a prolonged life span of the window gaskets.

– Comply with EN12101-2 standard.



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