Linear Actuator 600N EN12101 Approved

Designed for smoke ventilator (louvred) Specially

Product Description




The linear actuator is applicable especially for weighty and/or wide types of windows. Thanks to its construction, it ensures pressure and tensile stability in any fitting position and can be used even under the most difficult conditions. The use of high quality materials and a proven precision linear rod provides for a long lifetime and a reliable function.

DC24V Linear Actuator can be produced into internal synchronizing,means 2 actuators work together without any external synchronizer.



For wide Facade windows, roof flaps and domelights

Even load distribution on window wing

Tandem version for weighty loads

High protective system IP 65 with highest waterproof level

Low voltage DC24V motor are energy efficient

Electronic limit stop and overload cutoff

Push/Pull Force up to 600 N

Opening distance ranges from 50 mm to 800 mm approx., according to version
Fire resistance (30 minutes/300°C) and 10,000 double strokes with rated load

Cable entry and drive unit interchangeable

Various options available, e.g. position and status indications, see drive options
Further accessories, see drive accessories, smoke vent and ventilation controls

Actuators are produced according to EN12101-2 and CE standard

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